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Zen Systems has years of result oriented experience in helping clients achieve their business objectives through appropriate use and implementation of technology. Whether you need to supplement your IT resources or require a complete project solution, we have the capability to support your IT initiatives wherever, whenever and however, regardless of size or complexity.

Zen Systems unique approach combines a broad knowledge of business issues with a deep understanding of specific industries. We are highly collaborative and team-oriented in our approach while working with our clients to deliver rapid results. We follow a disciplined and documented methodology aimed at helping clients create sustainable improvement in their products, services and business processes.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to our clients to meet their business goals and objectives. Going beyond delivering code - we also assist our clients to plan, manage and realize the tangible benefits from our IT-centric business investments.
Our expertise includes :
Application Management Services
Infrastructure Management
Project Management Services
Data Management
Enterprise Solutions
e-Business Solutions
Testing Services
Supplemental IT & Staffing Services
 ZEN Systems
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