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When you need to hire, settle only for exceptional employees. At Zen Systems, we specialize in providing the highest calibre employees in Information Technology. When you need talent, we can provide carefully screened personnel for:

Short and Long Term Temporary Assignments
Project or Contract Work
Temp-to-Hire Placement
Direct Hire Placement

At Zen Systems, we employ a five-step method in recruiting to ensure successful placements:

Step 1. Taking the Client Requirement - Zen Systems account executives follow a prescribed format in documenting the requirement. Specific information includes:

Technical Skills level
Personality/Cultural fit
Advancement potential
Work attitudes
We truly understand the scope of your needs. We know that every hire you make must adhere to your short and long range business strategies.
Step 2.
Candidate Screening & Testing - We interview for the specific skills and qualities that your job openings require. Our testing is designed to verify the qualifications of each candidate prior to referral.

Step 3.
References - Reference checking with supervisors and peers is completed in order to verify and validate our other findings.

Step 4.
Candidate Evaluation - The information is compiled to develop a detailed comparison of the ideal candidate with the job requirements and specifications. Included in the analysis are:
Personality, work attitudes and preferences
Team vs. individual performer
Adaptability to change
Flexibility level
Style of work
Professional/individual goals
Technical skills and levels relating to the current position and advancement opportunities in the client organization.
Reference-checking appraisals of past performance and potential for growth.
Step 5.
Follow Up - Task Management, Inc. account executives track every step in the screening, selection, and interviewing process. Acting as liaison to the client facilitates the entire process in the following ways:
Review with the client, information gained in the candidate screening and evaluation process.
Keep client informed of the candidate's specific interests and concerns that will enable positive decisions for qualified candidates.
Assist the client in salary, terms, start date, etc.
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